Hubi, the tour guide!

In February this year, I returned from Taipei to come back to Xiamen. Perfect time management was applied to arrive in Xiamen exactly at the same time as my gGrman buddy, Alex. What a relief, that we both had totally enough sleep to have no problems at all, finding each other…… 😀
Whatever, now we the journey started!! Let’s go!


The first sight to be visited was the NanPuTuo temple, which is right in front of my flat, so convenient!


It seemed that we still had enough power to rush on top of the hill which is right behind the beautiful temple.




You can imagine how exhausted we fell into bed after a long day for me and an even loooonger day for Alex after the flight..


The next morning, our batteries were charged and we could move on to the next adventure: see the most beautiful campus in the world..


..and have a relaxed walk at the beach, right next to the campus. Seriously, how awesome would it be to study here??
The longer we stayed at the beach to take super professional selfies of us, the more audience surrounded around us, some even dared to ask whether they might take a picture together with us. Finally Alex knows the feeling of China.




After a cool-down menu, containing bubble milk tea and fresh fruits..


.. we catched the night train to Guangzhou, in which we met Hubi!


You can see Hubi at the right of us. Hubi is a student of the German language and literature studies and speaks flawless German, COOL! Being on the other side of the planet and discussing about world issued in German. I expected a lot from this trip, but not this 😀 Hubi writes his thesis about the refugee issue in Germany and it seemed like he knew way more facts about the issue than Alex and me combined. It felt like he gave a lesson to us schoolboys and he wouldn’t stop to fire off facts about the topic. Awesome guy. A great great pleasure to meet him! Hubi was on the way home. He lives in Foshan, a place very close to Guangzhou. Coincidentally, Foshan was also part of our travel plans, so obviously we just met our tourguide on the train! The journey to Guangzhou could have started worse, right?
After a very refreshing night in the train, we arrived in Guangzhou in the morning and started our exploration! The city is right next to the pearl-river in the south of China, very close to Hong Kong and has a population of more than 12 million people. One of those 12 million was our Airbnb host, who was very easy to set furious by accidentally plugging out the Wifi-router and thereby interrupting his online-games. Always a fun spare-time activity, when there was nothing much to do..
If there was more to do, then we were obviously out, exploring the beautiful sights of Guangzhou: temples, gardens, pagodas, culture, food:




Additionaly, we went hiking on a small mountain to see the impressive skyline of Guangzhou:




On the mountain, there was a chorus already waiting for us, singing its greatest hits. Cool!

The next stop was Kaiping, which is about 120km in the southwest of Guangzhou. The main purpose to go there were the famous Diaolou-towers, that were built by early tradesmen that had contacts to the western word already in the earlier decades. The buildings combine the western and far eastern architecture styles and just look amazing. But take a look yourselves:




As promised, the next day we went to Foshan, the home of Hubi, our tour guide. We visited an old iron foundry and a huge temple and had lots of fun together.




The province where we traveled (Guangdong) is famous for its special food, which is absolutely not spicy and much sweeter, compared to other provinces in my eyes. The province provides lots if diverse and super interesting food and Hubi showed us the best food of his hometown. Also candy floss was part of our food experience, which is not necessarily originated from this wonderful province 😉




The highlight of our trip was on our last day, when we sang the German national anthem with our tour guide Hubi in front of the huge temple in Foshan. Indeed a moment of goosebumps for us, for Foshan, well I guess for the whole China.



It takes some time to translate the blog into English, so I’d be super happy if you tell me whether you like it? Is it worth the effort? Thanks for reading! 🙂



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