3 Foodies in Hong Kong 

The next trip started in April. Melissa, Janina and me met in Hong Kong to stay for an extended weekend. Afterwards, Janina proceeded to Korea, where she visited another friend. 

We departed from different parts of the world: Janina came directly from Germany, Melissa started from Taiwan and I arrived from Xiamen. I took the bullet train to Shenzhen, crossed the boarder by crossing a bridge and took the tram right to the city center. Very convenient! 

We gathered together to have some delicious food and even got some food from Germany, which Janina provides! 

The next morning we started our first full day in Hong Kong, visited the promenade and explored the fascinating and countless skyscrapers. Amazing!

Since we are 3 true foodies, our lunches and dinners were important parts of our Hong Kong experience. Our foodie-tour-guide Melissa lead us to a restaurant, that we never would have found without her: The Lan Gong Yuen is located in a seemingly random basement behind a snack store. The only hint, that we might find heaven on earth there was the high amount of people, lining up for this restaurant. We ordered chicken, noodles,  honey bread (according to our foodie-god a specialty in Hong Kong) and a kind of soup. All of those dishes were very delicious.

The next stop was the “Central Mid-Levels Escalator”, a system containing 20 escalators, covering a total length of 800 meters and lifting the passengers 135 meters upwards in total. These figures make the central mid-levels escalator the longest escalator system in the world. It’s notable that Hong Kong is quite hilly, so taking the escalator system in the city center is a true relief. After one day of “hiking” in the city center, your legs will definitely burn. That justifies an ice cream:

Crossing the shopping areas and small streets of Hong Kong, we proceeded to a beautiful temple in the heart of Hong Kong which provides a very calm, relaxing atmosphere, in contrast to the vivid and loud life in the streets of Hong Kong.

For dinner we had Dim Sum, the typical steamed small dishes originating from Hong Kong

In the night we relaxed a little on the streets of Hong Kong and visited the beautiful skyline. Hong Kong has som many tall buildings, you just can’t see all of them in only one glance. That’s the reason why pictures can’t reflect the true fascination of the dimensions of the skyline.

Also very interesting was the light show in the night. The skyscrapers were shining and blinking to the rhythm of music:

The next day we dropped by a restaurant which got he Michelin award for its delicious goose-dishes. And yes, that was definitely one of the best food I ever had! Heinz, my little travel partner was obviously a little intimidated among all those gooses.

Later that day, we were going on top of the Victoria Peak, the most famous mountain in Hong Kong with a height of 552 meters. The famous Peak tram serves since 1888 to transport visitors to the top of the mountain.

Great fun was also the Madam Tussauds wax figure cabinet and the museum of optical illusions at the peak.

The next day we were going to a place which is a little more far from the city center: a traditional temple. We found 12 animal figures there, that represent the different years in the Chinese calendar. 

Afterwards we continued our day trip to go to another temple and a huge Buddha, sitting on top of a hill. The view from that hilltop was beautiful ,yet surprising, since we found ourselves to be in the wild nature, not in the busy city.

The last day we spent in the Hong Kong Ocean Park, a fun park with 8 million visitors yearly, being the 4th biggest fun park in Asia. The park was really good, that’s maybe the reason that I don’t have many pictures to share from that day.

On Monday I finished my last exam this semester so that’s why I’m heading now for a longer trip, basically traveling the north of China, starting in Hohhot, the Inner Mongolia. Parts of my journey, two German friends will accompany me, parts of the trip I’ll be traveling alone. Well, Heinz, my small travel pelican will always be with me. I can’t wait to share my journey with you! 


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