The tomb of Genghis Khan

The only reason for visiting Ordos was the mausoleum of Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongolian empire, which became the biggest empire in the world until his death. If you carefully read my blog, you will figure out that most steps of my journey are connected via history. In Baotou, I visited the tomb of Genghis Khan’s wife, sacrificing herself to reunite the Han and Hun people. Now I visited the mausoleum of the emperor himself. Genghis Khan died most likely in the battle against the Western Xia, a rivaling kingdom in Asia at that time. 

Getting to the sight is a bit difficult, there are  no local busses running to that sight. So I was able to join a small travel group that also visited the sight and we could share the cost of the private car, driving there. On the car, we soon became friends. Our travel group contained 3 Chinese from Jiangsu province and me, the German sausage. 

The next picture shows us in front of the huge statue of Genghis Khan riding his famous, undefeatable horse: 

We proceeded to a.. Well.. Some sort of a pile of bricks, which seemed to be super meaningful, since my friends told me to turn 3 circles around this pile of stones, in order to ensure good luck for the future. Since I didn’t want to risk any bad luck, I obeyed and turned my 3 circles around this pile of bricks.  

These bell shaped monuments also looked quite meaningful, but my chinese skill  wasn’t good enough to fully understand the meaning behind it. But they looked good enough for a picture with Heinz:

In a souvenir shop I found these and I was able to find out the purpose of them. I was told that they are used to be filled with alcohol, which is produced out of horse milk:

We kept strolling around in the mausoleum and took some more pictures and exchanged our phone numbers. Always good to have some 关系 (relations).. 

After having lunch, we convinced the tour guide, that he will additionally send us to another place, since we still had so much time left that day. I think the tour guide also had a great time with us 4, so he instantly agreed and we went to a place with some beautiful sand figures and relaxed there for a while. 

Suddenly,  2 little kids ran towards me, waving with their English textbooks. They had some questions and obviously every 老外 (foreigner) speaks English perfectly (that’s what the Chinese people assume). Well in my case they were lucky because I was able to to solve the tasks in theory textbooks. 

The 3 travelers from Jiangsu province were so happy to meet me, that they bought a horsewhip at the Genghis Khan mausoleum for me.. I wasn’t able to refuse their gift, because they insisted that I accept it, as a friendship gift. Well, I was surely touched. On the other hand, I’m traveling with a horsewhip through the north of China, for the next several weeks. I hope the security check at the airports won’t ask any questions…. 

Again made some friends, again had a great day, again super weather. I’m starting to get used to the feeling, that this travel will go on without any flaw.. I was expecting to encounter way more problems so far. But I guess entering the boarder of Xinjiang might be a little troublesome due to some political issues.. But that will be next month. 

The driver of the travel group was nice enough to drop me off at the train station so I could just catch the train to my bext destination: Yinchuan, which is in another Chinese province, called Ningxia province. 


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