Relaxing day in Wuwei

The next stop on the journey was Wuwei (武威).

It stands at the strategic eastern end of the Hexi corridor, which is part of the silk road. From Wuwei, two millenia ago, the emperors of China launched their expedition army forces into unknown west, eventually leading them to Jiayuguan and beyond

From the previous destination Billingsì caves we took the bus to Lanzhou and from Lanzhou, we took the train to Wuwei. We arrived in Wuwei quite late in the evening. We already figured out, that not every hostel and hotel can host foreigners in China, so I contacted several hotels when we were in the train to Wuwei in order to make sure that we can stay there over a night without any problem. Finally a hotel agreed and we were happy to arrive at that hotel. The hosts appeared to never have talked to foreigners before, since they took uncountable photos with us and were super happy to host us that night. 

Unfortunately, the boss of the small hotel informed us about half an hour after check-in, that suddenly we couldn’t stay at that hotel, because they lack of the license to host foreigners. So with the kind help of a friend in Xiamen, we were able to find a hotel that could host us. The rooms were very decent, but we also paid a bit more for the comfort. 

We went out to grab some super delicious Barbecue and afterwards enjoyed the night life of Wuwei.  Soon we got to know some influential people there who were able to spend some drinks and fruits for free. Enjoyable night!

The next day we explored Wuwei. 

We were told, that the lamb is a specialty here, so we gave it a try and we were not disappointed at all:

Having our stomachs satisfied, we took the local bus to get to the Haizang temple (海藏寺). The bus dropped us off a short walk away from the temple. On the way to the temple, we heard some music (which sounded quite uncommon for our ears), so we decided to stay and listen for a while:

After listening to that fascinating sounds, we arrived at the fascinating active monastery with a pavilion to the right of the entrance containing a well whose magic waters are said to connect by subterranean streams to the holy lake in the Portal Palace in Lhasa. Drinking the water is said to cure myriad ailments. 

we  were lucky enough to witness a Buddhist ceremony in the temple. It was super impressive, a very epic feeling, hearing the monks singing:

Afterwards we went back to our hotel and passed by this impressive park, displaying some ancient warriors:

Wuwei is not a very common stop for travelers on the silk road, but it was a nice stop between the busy other stops and it helped us to relax a little. Totally worth a day! 

Next stop is Zhangye! 


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