Let’s rock 

The same day of visiting the matisi temple, we went to the rainbow rocks in the afternoon, multicolored rock formations, also know as Danxia rocks (张掖丹霞), which gained a bit of attention after six well-known formations in the South were inscribed as UNESCO world heritage sites. You will soon see, why these rocks clearly deserve their names!

My two German friends also totally enjoyed the view. It was just totally breathtaking


The Chinese are always super creative when it comes to finding creatures, persons, animals or whatever in the nature. It already occurred several times to me and this time they found a Buddha in the mountains. First I show you a picture of how it should look like and then the picture that I took. Can you find Buddha?

We had so much fun at that astonishing place!

Here in the background, sitting on the handrail you can see Allen and xiao liu:

The next day, we went to the Pinshan hu, which is a 65km ride from Zhangye city. It’s another spot of beautiful scenery, but have a look yourself:

The hike there was pretty tiring, but totally worth every step

When you get on top of a hill, it’s hard to catch your breath because of the steep route. But it totally pays off with the view up there.

Can you see the little sheeps?

It’s not hard to figure out what the sign wants to tell us, but for a good picture, you need to take some risks.

Our driver on the way back had this vivid  Mao-amulet in his car, I had to take a picture of that.


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