Zöige, prairies in 3500m above sea level 

From the Langmusi monastery I proceeded to Zöige (若尔盖), a small village in 3500m above sea level. 


Zöige is a nontouristic wonderland with prairies with pristine beauty and nomadic Tibetans. Its grasslands are amazing and have some of the best preserved Tibetan nomadic culture remaining. 

From there I hitchhiked on the back of a Tibetan motorbike to Tangke (唐克), which was another 70km from Zöige. The road to Tangke was absolutely fantastic, the views around the endless grasslands we’re just stunning! 

The Tibetan guy who took me to Tangke, was on the way to buy some Yaks. That’s why he had enough cash in his pocket:

That’s 60,000 CNY in total, which equals to 8000€. You can buy 13 Yaks from that amount.

We made a stop after 35km and met other Tibetans in a small “restaurant” which actually just sold instant noodles for 10CNY.

Arriving in Tangke, I visited a beautiful park with a nice riverbank and more prairies. 

Next stop is Sōngpan! 


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