4700m up in the sky

At a dizzying altitude of 3,886m Litáng (理塘), is one of the highest settlements on earth. 

Litángs scenery leaves you breathless. For Tibetans, Litáng occupies an exalted space as the birthplace of holy men, including the seventh and 10th Dalai Lamas and many revered Lamas. Their birthplace and the towns large monastery draw devoted pilgrims from afar.

I rented a motorbike and cruised around that beautiful scenery. You can leave the city to the north or to the south, both paths are nice and offer lots of peaceful scenery, flowers, Yaks, Tibetan villages and friendly farmers. 

I also passed by countless white pagodas. 

Tibetan beauties were also not rare in that region. 

From Litáng, I went on to Daocheng (稻城). The road was already one of the highlights again. We conquered many mountains by car and climbed altitudes above 4600m.

We also stopped at one more or less  famous mountain top to take pictures, eat a self made Yak milk yogurt and have a chat with the Tibetans, living up there at the mountain top.

A young Chinese couple had a super bad time in the minivan because they didn’t get used to the high altitude yet. The recent days I was mostly at least 3000m high in the mountains and climbed to 4000m several times, but this young couple just came straight from the flat tales of Chengdu and even medicine didn’t help them to feel better. So better don’t rush up a mountain. It’s not enjoyable. 

From Daocheng, it’s super close to get to magnificent Yading Nature reserve (亚丁风景区). A fast 2 hours trip will get you to the the three sacred snowcapped mountains, encircled by forested valleys, crystal clear rivers and glacier-fed lakes. One of the most stunning landscapes you can imagine. Locals have worshipped these mountains for more than 800 years. The three peaks represent bodhisattvas in Tibetan Buddhism. 

The hike up to the Milk lake (4600m).. 

.. and the Five-colour lake (4700m).. 

is tiring but it’s worth the effort. 

This panorama shows the view from the summit, left the milk lake, on the right the five-colors lake:

I was climbing the Yading area for 2 days, since there’s plenty to discover and you’re not as fast as you are used to due to the thin air. 

On the way up, you’ll pass by a Tibetan monastery, spending some power for your climb upwards. 

But the must crazy think you might find there is this:

A woman, carrying up her cat. Well this mountain area is so holy, even your pet might profit from climbing it. 

That was my last post from Sichuan Province. I spent 3 and a half weeks in this mysterious province and still didn’t see the eastern part of it. Chinese provinces are just huge! Sichuan province is much bigger than Germany and yet makes only 5% of the whole area of China. 

My next post will bring you to the propably most beautiful Province in China: Yunnan Province, next to Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar. Stay tuned! 


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