The biggest waterfall in China 

Next stop on my journey was China’s biggest waterfall, the Huangguoshu Falls (黄果树大瀑布), which translates to yellow fruit tree falls. The waterfall is part of a big national park, containing many cascades, walking trails and stunning views. The 77.8m tall, 81m wide big waterfall is the number one attraction in Guizhou Province.

Can you see the rainbow?

If you stand close to the waterfall, your clothes will be soaked wet so soon because the water fountain is just huge.

The cascades are part of a 450km² cave and karst complex discovered when engineers explored the area in the 1980s to gauge the region’s hydroelectric potential.

But also the rest of the national park is quite decent.

The whole landscape in Guizhou Province is just super stunning and this National Park shows it impressively.

There are several smaller waterfalls, that are also beautiful to watch. That friendly boy wanted to take a photo with me.


There’s also an interesting bridge:

You’re also allowed to enter the cave:

After I left the park, I went to Anshun, the city nearby. On my way back I met some other travelers from Guangxi province that even took me back to Anshun via their car.

In Anshun I found a vegetable that they sold ar every corner. I was curious, since it seemed to be something like a specialty for that place. They call it 地瓜 (dìgua), which translates to sweet potato, but it rather tastes and looks like cabbage turnip. This local guy told me some more about it, and showed me how to peel it.

Next stop was Zhènyuăn a beautiful city in the western part of Guizhou Province! Stay tuned!


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