Basha, Guizhou: the laid-back village

Visiting Basha (岜沙) is like stepping back in time to the Tang or Song eras.


Getting to the village is quite troublesome, since (especially off-season) there’s only a few tourists visiting the laid-back spot and no buses run there at all. So flagging down a motorbike is the option here, which works pretty smoothly in China.

The view from the hostel was terrific:


The local men wear period clothes with daggers secured to their belts and, when not farming, hunt with antique rifles. Meanwhile, the women parade in full Miao rig with their hair twisted in a curl on top of their heads.

I was lucky enough to witness a show of the local Miao minority, showing their lovely customs.

They seem to shave their hair with a sharp knife:


Next was a dance, accompanied by the sounds of the local reed pipe (music instrument), made out of bamboo.



That was just absolutely amazing! You must watch the video to get a feeling of the atmosphere!

This lovely “fake-wedding” show with a visitor was also good fun!

In the end of the show, they also shot off from their traditional rifles:

Here you can see the local people having a rest from the tiring dance, but please have a look at the weapons and reed pipes, leaning against the walls of the house.


The surrounding countryside is superb. I strolled around that beautiful place and reached another small village. I was hungry and looking for a small supermarket to get some food, but guess what: There was no small supermarket in that small village. Fine, let’s walk back and hunt for some gooses for dinner..


The local food there was a kind of burger: One layer rice, one layer steak with vegetables one layer rice again. Not bad at all!


The next destination was Zhaoxing, my last destination in the wonderful Province Guizhou. Stay tuned!


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