The drum towers of Zhaoxing

Zhaoxing (肇兴) has emerged from its stunning natural seclusion as a drawcard for visitors looking to experience life in a Dong minority village.


The traditional wooden housing is overshadowed only by the ‘wind and rain’ bridges, reminiscent of a fantasy epic. Then there are the five drum towers that call forth generations of ritual and celebration.


Away from the main streets, Zhaoxing remains a working and farming village, where most people still speak only their native Dong language and little has changed for generations.





The scenery in the village is super lovely, even though this place is absolutely a tourist magnet. Traveling there is super convenient, there are countless hotels, restaurants and loud chinese tour groups. In my eyes, this place isn’t absolutely authentic anymore. I love it when small minorities share their culture with us visitors, but here it seems that the village became a money making machine so I just stayed for one night. Undeniably, the surroundings are super beautiful.



But also the city itself is really beautiful. As I already introduced, the drum towers are remarkable for the village. You can basically see them from everywhere


The river running through the village:


The local Miao-minority people often wear the very traditional clothes:


The show, presenting the songs and dances of the village is also pretty good:


In the night, you I climbed a small hill behind the village in order to see the lights from above. you can distinguish the remarkable drum towers.


That was my last destination in the Province Guizhou, next destination was Sanjaing in Guangxi Province. Stay tuned!


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