Sanjiang: Do as the locals do

Riverside Sanjiang (三江)  town is a rather nondescript place in itself, but it’s a convenient springboard to the heavenly Dong villages and their architectural wonders in this area.

Map Sanjiang - Copy

The grandest of over 100 nail-less wind-and-rain bridges in the area, this photogenic black-and-white structure (78m) was built from cedar and stone over 12 years in the early 1900s. It features towers with upturned eaves, pavilions where people gather to socialise or take shelter from wind and rain, and a sweeping corridor with handrails and benches.




On the bridge, you will usually meet locals playing cards and socializing.


I thought: Do as the locals do so I started to socialize and I quickly learned some features of the regional dialect, which turned out to be quite different from standard Chinese. The people in this small village are super relaxed and use their spare time to gather together. The lifestyle there is very slow paced. The locals I met have never left this Province in their lifes, since they can’t afford it. I always had the impression, traveling in China is comparably cheap. But maybe my comparison is invalid in this perspective.

As I mentioned before, the village is rather small and one day is enough to spend there. The surroundings there are typical for this region: tea plantation, untouched nature and hard working farmers:




This show was really nice: The local Dong minority people showed a performance of local songs and local dances. It was really good and they also played the reed pipe, as you can see in the last picture.



That was it from my 14 weeks journey through half of China. Tiring but full of experiences, interesting people and joy.

I want to share the last picture of an unforgettable journey with you:


Back in Xiamen, ready for further studies

This blog will still be alive after this journey, since I’m planning to visit some more places in beautiful China, that I didn’t see yet. (Half of China is still unexplored for me, there’s the charming North-East of China or the mysterious glass bridge in the heart of China, still waiting to be explored by me. So please stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Sanjiang: Do as the locals do

  1. Thanks for sharing these lovely posts on your travels in China – I’ve really enjoyed reading about so many new places! Next time I’m back I’ll definitely be taking some inspiration from your trip and check out some new places 🙂 Best of luck with your studies!


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