New Province, Old friends

I arrived at Hainan Province, the most Southern Province in China, right next to Vietnam. The Province is famous for beaches, the Sea, Coconut, the hot summers and watersports.

I arrived last night in Haikou, the capital of the Province and stayed in a hostel, where the people were so happy to host a foreigner! I felt so welcome in Hainan the first day I arrived.

Today I went to visit a coconut farm (Dingjiao Yelin) in the Southeast of Hainan Province. I sacrificed some sleep in order to get out of the big city and see some countryside as early as possible.

And it was worth it. The coconut farm was absolutely lovely! Me and Heinz needed to take a boat to get there.

On my way to the coconut tree farm, a woman asked me to try some of the fruits she just collected from the trees. In English it’s called wax-apple, however it tastes more like a pear and is very refreshing in the hot summer of Hainan.

The coconut tree farm itself is just amazing. It’s a jungle without any people living there. Very laid-back.

Back on civilization, I tried the coconut here. The sweetest and biggest coconut is 8¥ (1€) and is the best drink to refresh oneself from the hot and humid weather.

There’s a nice beach nearby and I relaxed a little.

Then it was time to meet one good friend of mine. XiaoLi, the little superstar in this blog (chapter inner Mongolia, Ningxia and Lanzhou) is working in a restaurant in Hainan now and we met to travel together for 2 days!

So now we’ve seen in the very north and the very south of China. Me walked around the seaside :

And had dinner together:

Please pay attention to the second picture. It’s a desert, called ching bo leung: a sweet soup, made out of coconut juice, little pearls, a small egg, Chinese date and ice cubes. Absolutely fantastic. You can find this only in Hainan. What a pity!

Tomorrow I’ll go to a small island called Fenjiezhou island, the workplace of XiaoLi. We’ll go swimming and hell show me around.

Stay tuned!


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