Island hopping and barefoot climbing

After I met my friend XiaoLi, he took me to Fènjièzhōu island (分界洲岛), a small, beautiful island where he already worked for several months in a small restaurant.

He showed me around his little paradise:

The island can be easily explored within one day. There are two mountains to climb. Also you can go swimming at the beach.

We also discovered this ray close to the beach:

Typical for this island are the sour-spicy noodles. The ingredients are all kinds of seafood:

In the evening I took the boat to get to my next destination, Sanya.

I arrived at Sanya late at night. So I took the opportunity to stroll around the famous beach there at Dadonghai.

In the hostel, I met Han, a Malaysian guy who was already retired and a huge pleasure to meet! Not only did he speak all kinds of languages you can imagine, but also he traveled the world for all kinds of jobs. He was like a story book and never tired to share about his life as a Malaysian ski coach in the United States, oil plant worker in Africa or traveling the whole China all alone. But the most impressive part was, how skillful he used a broom and a clothes hanger to help me pick my favourite football jersey from the balcony downstairs. I tried to dry it on the balcony and it apparently fell down due to a wind breeze. My superhero!!

The next day I decided to climb a mountain, called Qixianling, about 80 km north of Sanya.

The mountain is about 800m high and it requires you to start from about 100m. Due to the hot and humid weather in Hainan, this is quite a challenge. Furthermore, I was quite in a hurry, because due to my appreciation of some good sleep, I arrived at the mountain a little late. I rushed up the mountain but still had an eye for that beauty around me. I was in the middle of the jungle!

The fun part is, that the mountain is full of palm trees so you have totally no clue how high you are, since you don’t see anything but palm trees.

As soon, as you encounter the 800m mark, the palm trees disappear and you have to take a deep breath to realize how high you’ve climbed!

Now here was the problem: for the last few meters, you’d have to pull yourself up using a metal chain as your only lifeguard and rocky, sharp cliffs under your feet. So who wore pink flip flops to climb a mountain? Yes, me!

So I flipped my flops to the corner and climbed the last meters barefoot. Pain vs. Determination.

Determination was the winner and I got rewarded by a fantastic view!

I rushed down the mountain, hitchhiked to the nearest highway and catched the last bus to back to Sanya. Never have I been so tired during this trip, my feet hurt like hell but it was absolutely a great hike!

The next day, I explored Sanya itself. It’s the southernmost city in China and the weather makes you feel it. Hot, hot, hot!

Every travel guide told me to go to Yalong Bay so I followed the advices. It’s a very nice beach but i think I’m spoiled from having a nice beach right next to my appreciation in Xiamen Fujian, so I wasn’t very excited about it.

Next stop was Luhuitou hill, a small hill from where you can have a nice view of the city.

The hill was really nice, however it was a torture to climb it during the hot and humid weather.

To cool down after the long and hot day, I had another bowl of the delicious desert that I already introduced in my last blog post called “ching bo leung”. A desert, sent straight from heaven!

The number one desert you can find in Hainan: qingbuliang (清补凉)

I’m taking the train to go back to Haikou, the very north of the island, in order to meet a friend and take the boat back to the mainland of China.

Stay tuned!


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