Chickens’ Paradise

The next stop on my journey through the South of China was Guangxi Province.

I took the boat from northern Hainan island back to the mainland of China.

On the boat to Guangxi I met Duosong, a guy from Hainan and we shared food and stories and had a nice boat trip together.

I arrived in Beihai and tried the local shrimp pancakes. A little oily, but the shrimps are great!

The city center of Beihai is quite nice, though I just stayed for a night.

People in South-China are generally smaller in height than people from North-China. And I heard people from Guangxi Province are the smallest in the whole China. I don’t know whether it’s true, but my first hostel room gave me the first impression about it:

I’m not the tallest guy, yet when taking pictures with locals here, I always feel like a giant. On a bus ride in Guangxi province, the driver admired and praised my height and he couldn’t believe, that in my home country, I’d count as a fairly short guy.

The number one reason to go to Guangxi Province was to see Weizhou island (涠洲岛). It is praised as one if the top 3 most beautiful islands in China, so I gave it a try!

I went to the beach, it was so hot and dipping my feet into the cold sea was the best releave you can imagine.

The beach had some stones, which were oddly shaped due to long-term erosion.

You can tell that this is one of the most beautiful islands, if even the chicken live their lifes like in paradise:

If you ever wondered what growing bananas look like, here we go:

Next stop was the very west of Guangxi Province, including Leye and the Tongling Grand Canyon. Stay tuned!


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