From the Sea to the Mountains!

From Weizhou island in the South-East of Guangxi Province, I traveled to the very west of the Province: Leye (乐业).

The main reason to go there was the National Geological Park of Leye. It’s quite hard to get there, but hitchhiking did its job again! The people living in Leye county are mainly from the Zhuang-minority. A Zhuang guy gave me a ride to the national park and even gave me a big bag of his own-grown peaches! A great welcoming gift for Leye!

The park is just astonishing!

It reminded me of the landscape of Guilin, yet much less touristy. In fact, I just met one family traveling in the park. They hardly spoke any standard Chinese, but we came along very well and had a nice day together!

Since the peaches in this region are very tasty, I learned my first word in Zhuang-language. “Matao”, which translates to peach. When buying peaches in Zhuang-language later that day, I was the superstar at the store!

The park offered an underground cave:

At the end of the cave, you were rewarded by a great view into the famous sinkhole of Leye, which is 312m deep.

The sinkhole is also admirable from high above:

This cake is called red rice cake. I Never saw this before!

The park is currently under construction and in 2020 there will be way more places you can go and visit, such as a glass-platform you can walk on high up in the sky. The environment of the park is still awesome, even without the glass-platform!

Next stop was the Tongling Gran Canyon, about 300km South of Leye.

The specialty here in Guangxi Province are Mifen (米粉), rice noodles. I love the fried version of it!

A specialty of Jingxi, the town close to the Grand Canyon is this kind of sausage:

I had no clue what’s inside, so I bought one. Now i know. It’s liver. Lots of liver!

The Tongling Grand Canyon is a great place with few visitors as well. The highlight is the waterfall, which drops 188m deep and is one of the biggest in Asia.

The west of Guangxi Province is scattered with caves. And the Chinese really love to make caves look like night clubs with all the colourful lights inside.

If you look closely, you can find a hole on the upper part of the following cave. This is the place where the Zhuang-minority people buried some of their ancestors. Hope, they rest in peace in that disco atmosphere.

The landscape here is breathtaking:

What else is breathtaking here are the prices for parking:

Up to 2.50€ per second is impressive! Luckily my feet carried me there..

If you take a look at the map again, you can see that the region is very close to Vietnam. So you can see many signs in 3 languages:

This kind Zhuang tourguide asked for a photo. Next to her, I look like a giant. Maybe I should settle down here and feel like a giant everyday..

I also had the chance to see some typical local Zhuang dances!

On my way back I admired the nice countryside:

Right now it’s litchi season and in Guangxi they’re super cheap to buy now. Sweetest and most fruity litchis I ever tried!

That’s it from Guangxi Province! Next stop is Yunnan Province, my favourite Province in China, right at the boarder to Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. Can’t wait to be back there! Stay tuned.


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